Thursday, December 31, 2009

Scott Brown: Help Him Win

Dear Conservative Activist Friends: As most of you know, I've been highlight the campaign of Scott Brown, a Republican who's running for the US Senate ("the Teddy Kennedy Seat") in Massachusetts.

If Brown receives support -- financial, organizational, and moral -- from thousands of activists around the country, he will win the special election to be held on Jan. 19 (less than three weeks from now).

Are my activities -- and yours -- really making a difference for Scott Brown? Two days ago I received the following message from a member of his campaign staff:

"I am the policy advisor on the Scott Brown campaign. I have been getting your emails since Sarah was announced as the VP. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. Also how many people do generally send this email out to? We have seen an enormous surge of interest in our website.

"Thank you and happy new year." -- R.K.

When the Brown Campaign adviser sent that e-mail, she made my day -- and I hope she's doing the same for all of you who recognize the importance of making Scott the 41st Republican vote in the Senate.

Yes, it is Massachusetts, and voters in that state tend to pull the Democrat lever much the same way Pavlov's dog salivated when the bell rang. And Scott Brown is an underdog.

However, if Scott wins, it would mark the beginning of the end for not only the reign of "Nancy and Harry," but also the Obama presidency.

But he's much less an underdog than he was a few weeks ago.

Scott is in favor of limited government and low taxes, the very policies that are essential if we're ever to restore our country to economic health.

Scott's opponent is Martha Coakley, a former prosecutor. Those of you who want to Google her will find out her specialty was ferociously prosecuting people for crimes they hadn't committed. Her efforts even have a title: "The Second Salem Witch Trials."

Thus, Coakley is against "witches"; she is in favor apparently of all the big government policies promoted by Obama and Reid.

In a sane world, Scott Brown would win in a landslide. As you and I know, however, a one-vote victory in politics is just as good as a landslide.

If you visit Scott's web site -- -- you can find many ways to help him win on Jan. 19. They have a major effort that will enable people to call in from out-of-state.

My own emphasis in 2010 will be to spend 2,000 hours (I'm semi-retired) trying to elect outstanding candidates. On my blog -- -- I'll be writing every day about important races . . . and practical steps we can take to win back the House of Representatives. It may take until 2012 to win back the Senate, but we're due for some big victories.

I'm hoping all of you will share campaign ideas that work. Of course, one approach that always works is to ask friends, family, and associates to join us in voting for great candidates.

Note: Over the weekend, I'll be writing about two critical races in Pennsylvania: Republican Tim Brown against the most corrupt congressman in Washington, John Murtha . . . and Republican Keith Rothfus against Nancy Pelosi's favorite lapdog, Jason Altmire. The first race is in PA's 12th congressional district . . . and the second is PA's 4th congressional district.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Scott Brown: Massachusetts' January Surprise

Dear Friends: If John F. Kennedy were still alive, he would be a Republican. Remember his Inaugural Address where he said, "Let every nation know, whether friend or foe, that we shall bear any burden, pay any price, to ensure the survival of liberty." Can you imagine any contemporary Democrat, including Barack Obama, making a similar statement? JFK never apologized for America.

Also, confronting a serious economic slowdown, Kennedy cut taxes sharply, in order to spur economic growth and job creation. In contrast, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are raising taxes dramatically.

The Kennedyesque candidate in the special election for a US Senate seat in Massachusetts on Jan. 19 is . . . Republican Scott Brown. If Brown wins -- when he wins -- he will be the critical 41st vote in the Senate. As such, he'd cripple the left-wing's effort to impose on us their socialist agenda.

You may not live in Massachusetts, but you can play an important role in his electoral success. Make no mistake, the special election is one progressing under the radar. If patriots around America step up to support Scott Brown, he will become the first Republican in 40 years to win a Massachusetts Senate seat.

What can you do?

First, visit Scott's web site and sign up for e-mail updates;
Second, make a donation, either small or large;
Third, ask anyone you know in MA to support Scott;
Fourth, volunteer for the nationwide call-ins to MA (see below in
blue type)

This election will be a lot closer than the clueless MSM believes. Voters in Massachusetts, like voters in your state, are fed-up with Washington, DC's wild overspending of your money. Lifelong Democrats are reconsidering their commitment to a Party which has contempt for their values -- American values.

If you want to join the call-in effort, you can do so either be going to Scott's web site or by writing to Brad, who sent me the following:

Mr. Maloney,

We do have a mechanism [for call-ins] If you would have people contact me at I can set them up with an online username and password to call from the comfort of their own homes on behalf of Scott Brown.

In the mid-1770s, Massachusetts basically launched the first American Revolution. Our forebears sacrificed everything for the causes of independence and liberty.

Now, it falls to use to rescue our beloved country from the cynics and socialists in Washington, DC. The Second American Revolution has begun.

It's up to us. Let's amaze the world by electing Scott Brown.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

15 Million Americans Are Out Of Work. So Why Is Our Government Still Bringing In 1.5 Million Foreign Workers A Year?

It doesn't make sense. 15 million Americans can't find a job and our government is still allowing 1.5 million foreign workers a year to enter this country and take American jobs. And that's not counting the illegal workers taking jobs. With Americans losing their houses and struggling to put food on the table, how can we continue giving jobs away? Does anyone really believe there's a labor shortage? And yes, Americans will do "those jobs." [Source Info: Coalition for American Workers]ARRA news Service

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Friday, December 25, 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009

McCain Gives Weekly GOP Address on Health Care Reform

McCain and Durbin Debate Health Care - Durbin Admits to Being in the Dark

An excellent debate to watch. At moment 7:04 an exchange that explains why health care reform has been so confusing. No one knows what is in the compromise bill. Senator Durbin, "I'm in the dark almost as much as he [Senator McCain] is."

Also at 15:56 Senator McCain addresses the sticking point of many people who would like to see a health reform bill, simply "The Math doesn't work."

McCain and Durbin Debate Health Care - No One Knows What is in the Bill

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sheridan Folger for North East Regional Delegate Patriot Caucus

Fellow Patriots,

If you haven't yet heard about The Patriot Caucus, you should go

check it out as soon as possible. The event, scheduled for April 16-18 2010 in Valley Forge, promises to bring a fresh way of building unity and collaboration within the liberty movement.

The national infrastructure of The Patriot Caucus is not going to be self appointed. In fact it won't be appointed at all! Instead, the infrastructure is elected.

I'm running for North East Regional Delegate in The Patriot Caucus. But in order to get my name on the ballot in Valley Forge, I need 150 "endorsements" or votes as they're called.

I want 1000!

If you have a minute, please visit my page on The Patriot Caucus and consider supporting my run for North East Regional Delegate. All you need to do to support me is leave a comment on the site.

Please Join the Official Facebook Page and Twitter and SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS!

Your help on this would be greatly appreciated!


For Liberty & Sovereignty, -Sheridan Folger

The Patriot Caucus
The purpose of the Patriot Caucus is to directly address each of the shortfalls facing our nation.
-Electoral Victory
Before we get in to what the Patriot Caucus is, let’s make sure we know what it isn’t.
The Patriot Caucus is NOT an effort to replace any organization. It is not an effort to duplicate any plans and it is not in place to try to be the “mega group” of the movement.
The Patriot Caucus is NOT a political party, nor does it support or endorse a political party. And the effort is certainly not an effort to back third party movements. In fact, the Patriot Caucus will strive to be as “party blind” as possible with its political activism.
So what is it?
The Patriot Caucus is a peer powered entity being put in place to facilitate an environment of mass collaboration and communication within the liberty movement.
Every leadership position within the national structure will be an elected position. Each of these leadership positions will function as a “delegate” for a district, state or region.
Unlike a political party or existing organization, delegates within the Patriot Caucus exist to build bridges of communication between liberty minded groups and activist hubs. This is to be done with the following action items in play:
-Create a coherent, organized, state based directory of liberty minded coalitions, groups, orgs, think tanks, candidates and more
-Host conference calls and meetings with group leaders and movement organizers across districts and states
-Set up training events in districts and states (with involvement of groups and orgs)
-Collaborate with state and national communications teams to help market and promote events/efforts of existing groups, coalitions and orgs
-Work to ensure less duplication of efforts occurs
-Collaborate with delegates of other states for potential of unified efforts across state borders
And much, MUCH more!
As you can see, Patriot Caucus delegates are not in place to lead organizations. They are, instead, in place to help create unity and collaboration amongst existing groups and orgs. And to take it a step further… help promote and market efforts/events of existing groups and orgs.
The electoral system of the Patriot Caucus is in place to ensure that the structure is not self appointed or partisan in any way. Instead of having individuals self appoint or be appointed, the patriot Caucus creates an environment where states elect their own delegates. And those delegates elect national leadership teams.
This all sounds very ambitious… is it really possible to pull off?
When we first starting debating this idea, we were reminded of the challenges presented to General George Washington back in the late 1700’s. His army was broken into segments, was untrained, wasn’t properly communicating, wasn’t operating with proper resources, and major parts of the army were not supporting each other.
During the winter of 1777-78, Washington set up camp in Valley Forge and began doing what was believed by many to be impossible.
He regrouped, rebuilt, and eventually… reclaimed.
Is the Patriot Caucus possible? Absolutely.
Valley Forge, PA
To take this effort even further, we’ve booked a large venue in Valley Forge for the weekend of April 16-18 of 2010.
On April 16-18, 2010, we will convene for the first annual meeting of the Patriot Caucus in Valley Forge, PA.
There will be no charge for attending the three day event, but there will be a credentialing process. Each state will have a specific number of reserved seats to ensure a voting block for every state in the union.
On April 15th, we will make a move on Washington D.C. for one final warning. One final statement to Congress. One final plea for a reversal.
After the nationwide Tax Day Tea Party, the Patriot Caucus convenes for three days of meetings, panels, training sessions and more.
When we leave Valley Forge on April 19th, we leave prepared to do what is necessary to remove power hungry thugs from Congress and Senate.
This is our government. This is our country. This is our time.
Stay tuned for the public launch of the Patriot Caucus. A website is in the works. Free registration and a nominating process will roll out before the end of 2009.
There is a temporary “planning committee” in place that consists of nine tea party organizers. This committee will serve as the foundational leadership until April 18th, the day the full national infrastructure is voted for and approved to take over the Patriot Caucus.
Please join the Facebook Page and keep an eye out for the next announcement.
For Liberty,
-The Patriot Caucus planning committee

If you have a minute, please visit my page on The Patriot Caucus and consider supporting my run for North East Regional Delegate.