Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Local VA Races heating up!

Hey everyone! Thought that I would give everyone an update on VA-11 and VA-8.


Republican Keith Fimian is out with a new ad that calls Gerry Connolly "too corrupt...even for Congress." With local taxes increasing, it will be interesting to see how effective this ad is. Watch below.


Republican Mark Ellmore has been busy, trying to unseat Jim Moran. Ellmore has recently received the endorsement of Esquire Magazine, and is in the talks to receive an endorsement from the Washington Post. Below is what Esquire had to say about him:
Any half-decent opponent would get our nod over crude, pro-pork bully Jim Moran. ELLMORE IS MORE THAN HALF DECENT. And his goal to supplant the region's jammed highways with mass transit is positively progressive.
Check out the most recent Moran-Ellmore debate:

Should be interesting. I'll provide updates on the two campaigns in the coming days. Also, I'll update you on VA's Senate campaign.

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