Sunday, November 2, 2008

Update on Florida Congressional Races

In addition to working on behalf of the McCain-Palin campaign, we have been working on behalf of our five endorsed candidates in Florida. Here is an update from our Florida State Political Director, Yomin Postelnik of

Update on Florida

Over the past few weeks, Lets Get This Right has accomplished a number of tasks on behalf of its candidates in Florida

Allen West – Are hosting a small get together for him to meet condo association officers, homeowners and voters. We attempted to arrange a sit down with small business leaders in his district but logistics got in the way.

Marion Thorpe – Several articles have been written for him, we found him a blogger to help spread them, answering calls and helping with campaign material design, volunteer coordination, arranged meeting with local leaders. When his opponent Alcee Hastings threatened his life, Lets Get This Right stood with Thorpe during the police report, wrote press releases for him, disseminated them to the press and spoke to the media. We are instrumental in organizing the get out the vote drive.

Ed Lynch – writing on his behalf (endorsed in my newsletter), attempted joint events with Thorpe and West campaigns, helping spread the word and giving him contacts

Vern Buchanan – some close interaction with his campaign manager, called three major synagogues on his behalf and offered to come out there for a day at my expense to facilitate meetings

General – Hosting a nationwide conference call giving reasons to vote for McCain

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