Saturday, May 9, 2009

Arkansas 1st District - Marion Berry No Blue Dog - The Video

ARRA New Service posted in Arkansas an advance copy of a new audio political ad from the National Republican Campaign Committee titled Marion Berry - No Blue Dog - Lap Dog for Speaker Pelosi. Many people in Arkansas' 1st District responded favorably to the pending NRCC ad. Now some more good news: John Allison, III, a fellow Arkansas blogger at America, You Asked For It! has cleverly designed the following video with the NRCC sound track.

Allison also shares, "This page on Berry’s website will lead you to believe he stands for a balanced budget, is against excessive borrowing by the federal government, and fights against “reckless spending.” That certainly sounds like a fiscally conservative Democrat, but an inspection of Berry’s votes on the Bank Bailout, the Auto Industry Bailout, Obama’s $787 billion Stimulus Spending Bill, and the latest Bloated Budget tells a different story. Berry voted for all of these, supporting all of those things a “Blue Dog” Democrat supposedly opposes. Score one for the NRCC. Berry’s obviously conning his constituent with false claims of fiscal conservatism."

The citizens of the Arkansas 1st Congressional District don't need a Pelosi "Lap Dog" or even a "Blue Dog" representing the 1st District. They need a real "Bull Dog" Conservative standing for Arkansas values, limited government and individual liberty.

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