Thursday, June 25, 2009

Virginia Elections

Below is the post I promised on VA's upcoming election. It's cross-posted at Battle Ground States, and has beeen submitted to The New Republicans.

The 2008 elections taught Republicans several major lessons. Republicans learned that we must return to our conservative roots. Democrats did not win the 2008 elections because they had better ideas. They won because our side failed to be accountable to the eight years of reckless spending and out of control wars.

However, this year Republicans have two chances to show America that our party is viable. The elections in New Jersey and Virginia are critical in showing that the policies of the Obama Administration are a course for failure.

Virginia especially, tells an interesting story. For the past 30 years, what ever party held the White House lost the Governor’s race in Virginia the following year. Democrats are desperately trying to ruin that tradition. Democrats are counting on support from National Democrats like President Barack Obama and DNC Chairman Tim Kaine. They are also counting on money from big labor, lobbyists, and liberal special interests.

Meanwhile, Virginia Republicans have fielded the strongest slate of candidates in our Commonwealth’s history. Former Attorney General Bob McDonnell, Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, and Senator Ken Cuccinelli are all running as a great team. They will make a fine Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General.

McDonnell is running on a strong platform that includes growing jobs for Virginians, and reducing the cost of energy by drilling for oil and mining for coal. Bob’s record of bi-partisan results has also led to results in transportation and government reform. While as the Attorney General, he saw 83 of his 94 legislative proposals become law.

McDonnell will be the comeback candidate for the GOP in 2009. He has a record of achievement in a broad variety of issues, and was just recently endorsed by a bi-partisan group called, “Virginians for McDonnell,” a group that was previously called, “Virginians for Mark Warner.”

The Democrat, Creigh Deeds wants to portray himself as a political moderate. After all, he almost won the Attorney General’s race against McDonnell four years ago by supporting gun rights. However him being a moderate is a lie. He is strongly pro-choice, against drilling for oil in Virginia’s Coast, and pro-union. Additionally, he has no plans for job growth in Virginia, and supports outrageous out of state attacks on Bob McDonnell.

The stakes could not be higher in this election. Redistricting will be coming up soon, and Democrats are hoping to end Congressmen’s Frank Wolf’s service by drawing new lines in Northern Virginia. Democrats are also hoping to ruin Virginia’s status as a “right to work” state, and drive our state further and further in debt.

Virginians cannot afford Creigh Deeds, Jody Wagner, or Steve Shannon as our state’s leaders. A Republican comeback starts in Virginia and will lead to reform and prosperity in Virginia. Let’s send a message to the Democrats in Washington that they can’t buy our election. For information on how you can help, visit or fill out the form below.

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