Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mid-Alantic Political Roundup World Leader edition

This time the whole world is paying attention to us with Pittsburgh and the G-20 and NY having its annual United Nations gabfest. I love New York or New Jersey or anywhere that will let me pitch my tent said Col. Qaddafi (dozen spelling variations). It is funny how hugging a terrorist in a hero's welcome makes you unwelcomed in the Mid-Atlantic.

New York--This was actually a very good week substantively for NY Governor David Patterson so it figures he spent most of in a tiff with President Obama and overshadowed by leaders around the world. Poor guy even Mayor Rudy Giuliani said he felt for him. He had a major victory where the New York Court of Appeals (their highest court) overturned lower court decisions and validated his Lt. Governor. He called for eliminating the entire 2 billion dollar short fall with spending cuts and no tax or fee increases. We didn't even have new women pop up, yet what will be remembered about the week for him was the Thursday night version of Saturday night live (use the whole program option). When you are Liberal and SNL treats you like trash, you are in trouble.

Pennsylvania The G20 deserves its own report Sunday evening or Monday. They finally got a budget deal. Governor Ed Rendell finally forced higher taxes on businesses and expanded the state sales tax to concerts and sports but could not get any income or sales tax hikes. He had to accept (gasp) a 1% spending cut. The bad news for Delaware and New Jersey is that he forced preliminary acceptance of table games. If the enabling legislation passes it may be back to the drawing board for next year's revenue projections for both states and it may kill already shaky financing for some Maryland racinos. PA is a larger state with an older population.

Delaware Secretly reeling from two surprise blows to its gaming strategy. DEFAC won't like this one. Speaking of the devil, DEFAC projected Delaware revenue to be 45 million dollars softer than July. Interestingly after the personal income tax rates were raised, the take fell over 20 million. In a bad economy, can you raise taxes faster than you kill activity? Hey, I am not the guy who wrote the book purportedly solving all of the state's problems. They should elect him governor, oh we did.

New Jersey Chris Christie still leads. Now that he is on air he is holding his own. The Dems may actually lose the Assembly, but they think they will win it all. They actually hope to get enough anti-Corzine voters to vote for former Kean EPA administrator Chris Daggett to win. When that is the only hope that is desperation. It won't sink in until November. The only hope for traditional marriage in New Jersey is to vote yellow dog Republican this one election. A word to the wise.

Virginia Most polls I findare before the big debate. The only one afterward shows the same result. McDonnell with a 4 point lead. Deeds is using radio ads featuring President Obama in areas with high minority populations and on targeted stations. He is using Senator Mark Warner on TV and statewide. With all that is said and done the base support of both candidates has hardened and it now appears McDonnell is ahead, narrowly, but the race is too close to call.

Maryland When VP Joe Biden has to campaign for health care reform in liberal Montgomery County (which has a tax revolt brewing under the surface), it is not a good sign for the administration.

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