Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pastor Stephen Broden: “Michael Steele is Wrong.”

Duane Lester (All American Blogger) and Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit) attended Winning America Back event in Independence, Missouri. Wish I could have been there; there was a great list of speakers. But one of the people that caught their attention was Pastor Stephen Broden who did the opening prayer for the event. Broden is the Republican conservative candidate for Congress in Texas’ 30th District against socialist Eddie Bernice Johnson.

Duane and Jim caught up with Pastor Broden and asked him about Michael Steele’s assertion that black Americans didn’t have a reason to vote for Republicans. Duane recorded the question and Broden's response which you will find revealing and on target. Michale Steele is not on the right track but Stephen Broden and numerous other conservative blacks are on the right track and waiting for Steele to join them. Please view the video. In summary, to quote Broden, “Michael Steele, you are wrong!”

Tags: video, Stephen Broden, Texas, Michael Steele, blacks, Republicans Hat Tip ARRA News Service.

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