Wednesday, August 19, 2009

NBC Poll Show Support for Public Option Dropping

While support for a federal run public option has never been particularly strong, a recent NBC polls shows that it is becoming even more unpopular. The poll also found that there isn't support for a full overhaul of the health care system either.

As the debate over health-care reform heats up, fewer Americans say they are in favor of a complete overhaul of the American system, according to a new NBC poll.

Only 21 percent of those surveyed said they believe health care needs a complete overhaul, down from 33 percent in April. An increased number said they’re in favor either a major overhaul (30 percent) or minor reform (31 percent).

Meanwhile, 47 percent said they oppose a public health-care option, up three percentage points since July, while 43 percent favor it, a decrease of three points.

Health-Care Overhaul Loses Support Among Public: Poll

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