Friday, March 26, 2010

Bloggers "Adopt" Delaware's Christine O'Donnell

Hey Friends: Run, don't walk to the supercool RepealCastle web site -- -- and write a message to Rep. Mike Castle, who sometimes masquerades as a Republican, about his total refusal to support repeal of the ObamaCare monster. We'll make sure the most creative and insightful messages to Mike get wide distribution.

Castle's now going around touting the "good" parts of the health care, such as allowing "children" to stay on their parents' health insurance until their hair turns gray and they get arthritis.

Of course, the only business in America left for the government to take over is Piper Palin's lemonade stand. And somehow tens of millions of people don't have jobs, and companies are cutting to the bone the health benefits they give employees. Some "reform."

Mike Castle supports cap-and-trade, which would damage not only us . . . but harm the biggest manufacturing business in his state, DuPont. Maybe he's been in the Beltway so long that he forgot DuPont was in Delaware?

Anyway, check out And take a look at the cool stuff at the bottom of the site page . . . related to the campaign of Castle's Republic opponent, Christine O'Donnell.

Take my word, Christine will "Scott Brown" (new verb!) Castle. Knowing Christine well, I can say she's probably the most likable and decent candidate for the Senate I've ever encountered. Can she take the "Joe Biden" seat the way Scott took the "Teddy Kennedy seat?" The smart folks aren't betting against this charismatic young woman.

Sign up at repealcastle and be at your most creative in writing him a message. All of them will be delivered (and otherwise publicized).

If we all get behind Christine, a solid conservative, then we'll be talking on November 2 about "the Delaware Miracle." She can use your help. And America needs this feisty conservative.

P.S. Let your friends and allies know about They'll love it.

PPS, Christine will be on FOX Business News at 7 p.m. on Monday.

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Johnny D said...

Dr Donna Campbell is also a Pro Life, Pro Guns, Christian Conservative. She is running and gunning for Texas Congressional District 25. Democrat Lloyd Doggett is the incumbent with 7 terms too long.

Doggett voted for Obamacare, and on Cap & Trade he was against it before he was for it before he was against it. Why do only Democrats get that affliction? Genetics?

See Lloyd here:

And kick him out here: