Saturday, March 20, 2010

Christine O'Donnell: Delaware's Sarah Palin

Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Marco Rubio is Delaware's own version of Sarah Palin, Republican Christine O'Donnell. She's a pro-life, pro-guns Christian conservative running for the US Senate against left-leaning Michael Castle. She deserves an endorsement by Gov. Palin and support by conservatives across the nation.

Steve Maloney posted the following:
US Senate: Conservative Christine O'Donnell

One of the biggest contests in American politics will be conservative Republican Christine O'Donnell against liberal Republican Mike Castle, "The King of the Rinos." Conservatives nationally should rally around Christine, who is poised to defeat Castle, one of the anvils around the neck of the Republican Party. ... See Full Article.

Visit Christine's site.

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Delaware Mama said...

Christine O'Donnell hasn't held a steady job, if any job at all, since she ran as a write-in candidate in 2006. She carries campaign debt from year to year, won't work and doesn't pay her staff as promised or reimburse them for their expenses but does manage to reimburse her boyfriends for their expenses. She is quoted as saying that if she takes a job, she can't live off of campaign contributions.

She carried debt to companies who worked with her 2008 campaign for over a year while she traveled the country, and apparently even went to the Middle East, all without being employed. She had to have a closed campaign announcement and even then she had an unpaid campaign staffer from 2008 removed from the event. She attached herself to the state party in 2008 when she won the nomination at the convention going as far as to use the state party headquarters as her campaign headquarters, and in 2010 she's acting like the state party outcast and disregarding the nomination process.

Instead of working between campaigns to pay off debt, she carries the debt into the next election cycle and uses donations she's getting now to pay off debts from 2008. She's runs her campaigns like a Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme, robbing Peter to pay Paul.

And her 2010 campaign, to date, has consisted of blaming Castle and his "minions" for almost 20 years worth of her personal financial problems, calling Castle a RINO, and asking for money.

But the worst part about O'Donnell running again is that good conservatives with good values get conned by her every election cycle.

And Sarah Palin has her college degree, pays her bills and has held a steady job, three things O'Donnell has not accomplished in the same amount of time.