Sunday, September 14, 2008

VA 8th may get interesting...

After a four-to-one victory against Matthew Famiglietti in the June Primary, Jim Moran has another challenger to his Congressional seat. This time, its from the left. Running on the Independent Green ticket is Ret. Navy Capt. Ron Fisher, who previously worked on John McCain's campaign in 2000.

Both Moran and Fisher, as well as Mark Ellmore, the GOP nominee recently participated in a debate hosted by the Arlington Civic Federation.

Fisher strongly opposed Moran's record, citing Moran's support for free-trade, saying, "The so-called free-trade agreements Moran has supported over the years are hurting our economy, and they should be repealed."

At the debate, Ellmore noted Moran's disapproval towards drilling, saying, "We need to get off foreign oil within ten years," said Ellmore. "If we can get a man on the moon within ten years, we can do this." Ellmore supports drilling off the coast, as well as exploring nuclear, solar, wind, clean coal, natural gas options.

At the debate, Fisher also accused Moran of failing to support the impeachment of Bush and Cheney, criticizing the Democratic Congress for not using its appropriations authority to end the war in Iraq.

This could be what steals votes away from Moran. On just about every block in Arlington and Alexandria, you see "Impeach him" or "Impeach them both" signs. Ellmore could possibly catch up if Fisher steals these votes away from Moran.

Ellmore also stated that Moran " hasn’t done enough [for the district.]" He was referring to the Dulles Rail project, which is years behind schedule, and which Moran is a part of. During the debate, as well as in previous statements, Ellmore laid out his strong support for the military, by supporting the surge, as well as being against any timetable for withdrawal in Iraq.

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