Saturday, July 5, 2008

Biden v. O'Donnell -- Sleeper Race of the Year

There is a sleeper race for U. S. Senate demanding national attention. I believe Christine O'Donnell , the Foxnews commentator, is a rare find in cynical world. She has the fire and heart to make a difference in D. C. That is why I hope Delawareans listen to her message. If they do, Delaware voters may say, I heart Christine--politically speaking.

Christine O'Donnell represents a rising tide in America. She represents Americans who are tired of a mounting federal debt, a dollar which seems worth less every day, a sham excuse for an energy policy, and a political system unwilling to open its eyes to an entitlement crisis. Christine believes in the value of Freedom, Faith, and Family. She stands for the freedom and dignity of the human spirit.

If we do not reform entitlements, in not too many years, we will have to radically cut programs or radically increase taxes. Last week the Executive Director of the nonpartisan Concord Coalition testified before our Senator Tom Carper's committee in the senate.

Robert L. Bixby, Executive Director of The Concord Coalition, testified before a subcommittee on the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee regarding the 2007 Financial Report and the nation's future fiscal challenges. Bixby emphasized that the 2007 Financial Report, which shows future "fiscal exposures" with a present value of $53 trillion, demonstrates that future promises cannot be sustained and improving the nation's long-term fiscal outlook will require hard choices on spending and taxes.

That amount is what-- 4 times our economy. That is based upon present value of money not future value. We can not sustain charging into the coming storm. We have to change course. I don't fear the future. I don't believe the sky is falling. We as Americans can meet any challenge. As the Concord Coalition said, the result is not inevitable. It begins by following leaders who are willing to turn the ship of state in a safe direction.

Senator Biden is not proposing change. In my opinion, we no longer have the luxury to wait for him to see the light. I respect his years of service, but business is business.

Whenever someone has clear ideas about reforming government that the critics have a problem countering, the name calling starts. Senator Biden, who has drifted to the far left of the Senate likes to call anyone with common sense an extremist. I think we need to drop the name calling and debate policy. The challenges facing Americans because of a bipartisan policy of fiscal neglect is truly extreme. What we need are bold and visionary answers.

The fiscal crisis would be bad enough. We also face an energy crisis. Senator Biden has blocked upgrading Salem. He was missing in action during the Blue Water Wind debate. He opposes oil and gas exploration on the Continental Shelf well off shore. He is oblivious to the pain experienced by his fellow Delawareans caused by his policies. Here too Christine stands in stark contrast. As a bonus she understands that the most immediate effect we could have on energy prices is to stop inflating our currency and strengthen the dollar. As far as energy policy, there is only one sensible choice.

Christine O'Donnell understands that some of newest challenges are the ones in the pipeline. She opposes human cloning. Senator Biden joined the filibuster against bipartisan legislation ending cloning. She stands for the dignity of the human being from conception to natural death.

Another problem 21st Century is the undermining of national self determination. Senator Biden seems warm to allowing the U. N. to access alternative financing, In other words, global taxation. This would be the ultimate taxation without representation. Christine stands for National Sovereignty.

I urge you all put this race on your radar and give Christine whatever support you can.

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