Thursday, July 3, 2008

Huckabee’s PAC Endorses Alaskan Porker

Bill Smith, ARRA Editor: Charles Signorile, Constitutionally Right questioned the endorsement by Mike Huckabee of Alaskan Rep. Don Young.
Mike Huckabee has just made a decision which could eventually lead to the end of his new PAC, even before it has begun. When Huckabee initially announced his plans for HuckPac, he left Conservatives with the impression he would only be supporting Conservative candidates, as opposed to those who just happen to have an ‘R’ after their name. Last week Huckabee gave us a stark reminder that politics mean more than principle as he announced his endorsement of Rep. Don Young (R-AK) in his primary fight against Sean Parnell (R-AK), the current Lt. Governor.

After receiving some criticism for his endorsement, Huckabee reminded his supporters that Don Young was pro-life, and had supported Huckabee’s campaign. It is this sort of politics that has ruined the Republican party, and it appears Huckabee has yet to learn this. Don Young has been the ire of Conservatives due to his unabashed pork spending, once even screaming “my money, my money” when being questioned on it. He is responsible for the infamous “Bridge to nowhere” fiasco, as well as the Knik Arm Bridge (better known as “Don Young’s Way”) which would have boosted the value of property held by his daughter. His reckless spending has done more than just draw criticisms from Conservatives however, as one of his earmarks have actually lead to a Congressional investigation . . . .

Is this the type of Republican Huckabee will be supporting in the future? Don Young is the epitome of why the GOP lost seats during the midterm elections and are poised to lose even more this year. It is no wonder Democrats expect to pick up this seat in November, with Young losing 58 to 38 against Ethan Berkowitz in a recent poll. Parnell on the other hand is winning 43 to 38 in that same poll, emphasizing how much Alaskans dislike their incumbent, despite the billions of dollars he has brought home over the years. . . .
I have to wonder why former Gov. Huckabee would have endorsed Rep. Don Young after making a "verbal" stand for people with record of doing right and following the conservative principles of the Republican party. If Young wins the primary, he may be headed for a loss for the GOP and even if he wins the GOP loses in reality because of his past performace as a U.S. Congressman. In April 2007, Citizens Against Government Waste named Rep Don Young as Porker of the Month for defending earmarks and pledging to continue his state’s disproportionate harvest of federal tax dollars. The 2005 highway bill included an earmark of $229 million for the Knik Arm bridge in Alaska, which was to have been renamed “Don Young’s Way,” before public outrage forced Congress to remove the earmark. The Directors at RedState identified:
In the past few years, Don Young voted to force workers into an open, public ballot on the issue of unionization, he voted against reauthorization of the Patriot Act, he voted to expand government funded stem cell research, and he railed against conservatives who wanted to cut earmarks by calling the taxpayer dollars his money. Don Young is also under FBI investigation for taking bribes, illegal gratuities and other unreported gifts from an Alaskan corporation, and he has dubiously forced on the people of Florida a road they don't want all because one of his donors wanted the road.
Huckabee cited that Young was pro-life. Well, Republican Lt. Gov. Sean Parnel is also pro-life with out all of Young's negative baggage. Having been a governor, Huckabee may well have noted that Alaska's Governor Sarah Palin is supporting Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell. If the Alaska Republican leadership recognizes the need to make some major changes, it seems ill timed for Huckabee to try to pursuade Alaska Republicans by his endorsement and support to vote for a Republican of proven lesser stature. We expected based on Hucakbee's public rhetoric and his current interest in being a Fox News political commentator and / or vice presidentail candidate, would have led Huckabee tp passed on this endorsement. However, past Arkansas politicians have evidence that loyalty or retun of past favors is more important than supporting more principled candidated. I encourage readers to visit Sean Parnell for Congress

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