Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mark Warner: a flip-flopper

Thought I would bring you all the latest news from VA.

Campaigns are starting to realize that "straight talk" works. Throughout history, Americans can see that flip-floppers usually do not win. The most notable example is John Kerry. Now, Barack Obama is being painted as one, and VA Republicans are hoping to give that title to ex-Governor Mark Warner too.

There most common sound byte is a video of Warner saying three times in a row: "I will not raise taxes." The video then goes on to say that Warner was responsible for the largest tax increase in VA history. Another thing to note: VA also had the largest surplus at that time in history. One must ask: Why did we need to increase taxes?

Another thing that the GOP is trying to make public: Mark Warner's scheme to become a millionaire is now illegal. It involved buying public spectrum for pennies on the dollar, and then selling it for millions, at the expense of the taxpayer. If I can find more information on it, I'll blog about it.

Watch the ad below for more information.

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