Saturday, August 9, 2008

Democrats Resist Logic - No Will To Drill

Charles KrauthammerARRA News Service -As often happens on Fridays, Charles Krauthammer has a devastating column. He skewers Democrats in Congress for their staunch opposition to producing more oil and for their weak arguments against doing so. Krauthammer writes:

By an overwhelming margin of 2 to 1, Americans want to lift the moratorium preventing drilling on the Outer Continental Shelf, thus unlocking vast energy resources shut down for the past 27 years. Democrats have been adamantly opposed. They say that we cannot drill our way out of the oil crisis. Of course not. But it is equally obvious that we cannot solar or wind or biomass our way out. Does this mean that because any one measure cannot solve a problem, it needs to be rejected? . . . The consensus in the country, logically unassailable and politically unbeatable, is to do everything possible to both increase supply and reduce demand, because we have a problem that’s been killing our economy and threatening our national security. And no one measure is sufficient.” . . .

The problem for the Democrats is that the argument for ‘do everything’ is not rocket science. It is common sense. Which is why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, surveying the political rubble resulting from her insistence on not even permitting drilling to come to a floor vote, has quietly told her members that they can save their skins and vote for drilling when the pre-election Congress convenes next month. Pelosi says she wants to save the planet. Apparently saving her speakership comes first.” . . . [Read Charles Krauthammer's No Will To Drill]

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CKAinRedStateUSA said...

The fascists--er, ah, uh, um, Democrat Party--no longer represent the people.

They do not care about the people.

They have become enemies of the people.

And the people may just hand them their you-know-whats to them come November.

If not, then we should initiate impeachment proceedings against at least Pelosi and Reid.

They're too dull of wit to understand this--or just too arrogant, if not infected with the same megalomania as Barack Obama, or whatever his name actually is--but they've made a HUGE miscalculation here.

It will backfire.