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You Can Be A Citizen Journalist Covering The RNC

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Press Release

Let's Get This Right Is Proud To Partner With Grizzly Groundswell
and The "Grizzly Groundswell Strategy" For This Unprecedented Event.
Please Join Us In Supporting Citizen Journalists and Showing the MSM What Truth
In Reporting Is All About!

Become a
Citizen Journalist and a part of the historic Main Street Media coverage of the
RNC National Convention

Let's Get
This Right with the Grizzly Groundswell Strategy!

Chad Everson, Princeton, MN,
of Joins forces with and
their Heading Right radio with Media Lizzy along with Dr. Bill Smith, Sheridan
Folger and Brad Marston of Let's Get This Right! to cover the RNC convention in
a historic way!

St. Paul,
MN Sept. 1-4:
It is so easy to get Grizzly so Let's
Get This Right! and join in this historic coverage and welcoming of the RNC
convention to this great state of Minnesota. Chad Everson of the and Media
Lizzy of's Heading Right
along with Dr.Bill Smith, Sheridan Folger and Brad Marston of are going to
bring you 40+ online radio shows where you as a citizen journalist can plug your
business or tourist destination for free! When you find out how
great a platform we are creating for advertisers, you will want to support all
our efforts. This opportunity is unprecedented. We need your voice
to tell our national and world audience that conservatives are united...there is
a grassroots and one heck of a net-roots effort!

Let's Get This Right!

The process is easy to get

Blog Network: where you can sign up as
an author and contributor where all the blog posts and news will aggregate about
the RNC convention. Feel free to copy and paste any of the posts to
your own blog to help get the news out there! Feel free to comment
on any and all posts! .
Cross Post Cross Post Cross Post!!!

Radio Network: Call into the online
radio shows that can be found on Media Lizzy's Heading Right Radio channel on .
Each show, time and call in number can be found here:
The Grizzly Groundswell Radio Network site is they
will subsequently be re-posted at . You
can also upload your own there as well!

Video Network: and

will be the sites in which we blog the
video links of our RNC convention. If you would like to submit
video's sign up as an author by Aug. 15th and email me to
tell me of your interest!

Don't forget to
sign up and create your own profile in our Conservative Community at
Let's Get This

Please call me for further


Chad Everson owner of The Clay Empire
in which the Grizzly Groundswell is operated under.

I can not
tell you how excited I am to flex this new media muscle we have worked so hard
to create in the Grizzly
and Let's Get This
Networks. July 21st from 7-9PM CST

Honestly, I am just the catalyst to this grassroots conservative
movement that seemed not to have any orchestration. I like to call myself the
glorified custodian of the Grizzly Groundswell. It is truly an open market that
if not utilized, your blog and the conservative message will not be rewarded
with action and results. yet many strong, brilliant and motivated individuals
all yearning for a place to unite with similar folk that all are motivated in
expressing our different, but so similar conservative ideals, values and goals
for this great shining city on a hill have utilized this unique blogosphere
concept! It is too those individual that I owe all the praise, adoration and
thanks for making this possible.

I have been so blessed over this last year. I have met fast friends and
gained some amusing socialist squirrel enemies along the way. The enemies of the
Grizzly Groundswell, those fluffy little tailed socialist squirrels understand
my great grandfather defeated them once before and I am here to do the same.

My great grandfather did make one mistake. He dismantled his IVA
association after the historic recall and demise of the Socialist Non Partisan
Party and did not equip the next generations to keep socialist squirrels chased
out of our beloved institutions and our government. However, being a descendant
who took the time to research his strategic and heroic story, I now understand
what it will takes to once again bring the socialists squirrels to their knees.
I will be sharing with you some of my strategy and my vision for the Grizzly
Groundswells future.

Together, we are going to leave an institution that will forever educate,
unite and battle socialist squirrels for generations to come. We will never
vanquish this socialist, communist, Nazi fascist and radical sin or sickness
from humanity because as an idealism it is a seductive and persuasive deception
that the human slothfulness will always embrace if uneducated to its deadly

The key to defeating socialist squirrels is unity, motivation,
determination and education of the seductive deception socialism is by exposing
its despotism and corruption. Socialism always walks hand in hand with tyranny
and corruption. This is the threat and it's weakness. When good men and women do
nothing is when this evil takes hold and eats away at even a great country such
as ours like a cancer. We must remove it at every turn with surgical accuracy
through exposing the corruption and tyranny that always follow.

I can not do this alone. E. W. Everson did not do it alone. Nationwide,
good men and women stood alongside him and fought shoulder to shoulder for the
hearts and minds of the American people. We must do the same thing night and day
as we are doing on the Grizzly Groundswell!

I will also layout our exciting Grizzly Groundswell strategy for
covering the the Republican National Convention right here in St. Paul, MN, my

Grizzly Groundswell Blog Button

You can Become apart of this historic event first by joining the Grizzly Groundswell and Let's Get This Right in these three

[1. Be a Special guest on one of the 40+ Grizzly Groundswell
Radio network online shows!]

[2. Call in from your backyard to any one of our 40+ Grizzly
Groundswell Radio Shows and report on these three things:

  1. The RNC Convention event

  2. The Main Stream Media coverage of the Event and our Grizzly Groundswell

  3. Your perceptions from your backyard!]

[3. Write on your blog about the event and cross post it to and Let's Get This Right.
because it will
be picked up by over 200+ blogs and get your work out there! Also if you do not
use Mozilla's Firefox plug in Scribefire yet to post to multiple blogs, email me
and I will help you get this set up!]

All I need is name/number/ contact info and blog/radio/video url's and what
you are willing to do to help us make history with this Grizzly Groundswell

And you too can be apart of this historic event!

~Teddy Bear
Chad T. Everson
The Clay Empire's: Grizzly

PS: Please pick this up and post on your own blogs to assist us in getting
this great opportunity and message out there!

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