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[UPDATE AUGUST 5, 2008 #4]

issues with this attorney and her criminal activities was addressed
today by the Pima County Board of Supervisors. Her partner in crime
presented a letter of support with 739 signatures. The number of people
wanting her gone was not given. Here is the article published by the
Tucson Citizen today (
link here):

Pima County lawyer slammed, defended over sheriff piñata
Tucson Citizen

continued Tuesday over Isabel Garcia, the Pima County legal defender
who carried a paper-mâché head of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in
front of a cheering crowd during a protest last month.

The issue
was not on the agenda for Tuesday's Pima County Board of Supervisors
meeting, but about 20 speakers - about half in support of Garcia and
half in protest of her actions - came to a microphone during a call to
the audience.

During a July 10 protest she organized, Garcia,
who is a defense attorney, was seen holding the paper head - which had
been beaten off of a piñata by youths wielding sticks - while the crowd
cheered. The episode sparked calls for Garcia's disbarment and firing.

issue is not about immigration or Joe Arpaio, who was in Tucson for a
book signing, but about Garcia, who is also director of the Coalición
de Derechos Hermanos, inciting children to violence, Kendra Wood said.

"I don't think she has any business holding a position of public trust," Wood told the supervisors.

Rodriguez of Derechos Hermanos, sent the supervisors a letter
supporting Garcia. The letter contained 739 signatures supporting a
woman who has worked tirelessly for immigrants' rights, Rodriguez said.

The protest was not intended to incite violence; it was a traditional form of protest, she said.

"It was a symbol of the oppression we have seen," Rodriguez said.

Lori Oien seemed less concerned about Garcia's actions than the county's reaction.

"What is concerning to me is your approval by silence," she said.

Administrator Chuck Huckelberry said after the meeting that the county
is looking into Garcia's actions. The Legal Defender's Office, which
Garcia heads, takes indigent defense cases the Pima County public
defender can't because of conflicts or other reasons.

"It's under review," he said.

speakers decried Garcia's actions as hurtful to law enforcement
officers. Larry Lopez, president of the Tucson Police Officers
Association, demanded an investigation.

"Law enforcement around this state does not think this is funny," he said.

Leilani Clark was at the July 10 protest and held the piñata. She denied Garcia had any hand in what the youths did.

"She had no control over us. . . . We acted on our own," Clark said.

Notice how the kids have been brainwashed into protecting her--juveniles.

Here is the letter of support, complete with all 739 names (
pdf link here):

suggest everyone contact ICE (866-347-2423) and the Border Patrol
Tucson Sector (520-748-3000) with these names and demand investigation
of them. The reasoning is they support illegals and are most likely
illegal themselves. At the very least, report Garcia and Rodriguez to
ICE, DHS and Border Patrol. The office information for Garcia is: Pima
County Legal Defender, 32 North Stone Avenue, Suite 703, Tucson, 85701
(520) 740-5775 and fax of (520) 740-882-7338; Derechos contact
information is: 631 South 6th Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85701; (520) 770-1373
and fax of (520) 770-7445.

Keep in mind this is not a First Amendment issue, this is an issue of
an attorney's blatant disregard for the law, her signing documents with
the Mexican government stating she would give aid and succor to illegal
border crossers, her disregard for the law regarding juveniles, her
attempts to stifle the freedom of others in their free speech, her
encouragement of violence upon lawfully elected law enforcement
officials, her delight in exhibiting a severed head (a la Nick Berg)
and doing it all on the taxpayer dime. It is about an attorney
violating the Model Rules of Procedure and her oaths of office.

It is not about hate speech--the only hate speech is her own. It is
not about hate actions--the only hate actions are her own. It is not
about legal immigration, it is about enforcement of current laws
regarding ILLEGALS.

It is about a corrupt city council and board of supervisors who shield her.

It is about time she is gone. Call, write, email--all the information
is here and below. Flood these offices with the demand she be removed
from public employ and disbarred. Don't let this rest.

[UPDATE JULY 17, 2008 #3]

Izzy's "partner in crime" Kat Rodriguez [coordinator of Coalicion de
Derechos Humanos] weighs in, using almost word for word Izzy's whiny,
spin filled diatribe from the Derechos site here.

[UPDATE JULY 17, 2008 #2] Sheriff Joe weighs in on Izzy here.

[UPDATE JULY 17, 2008]

Original article here.

This story is starting to pick up some traction and we need to keep up the pressure on Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry [contact information below], the State Bar of Arizona and the ethics review boards of the Bar and Pima County Merit Rules and Personnel Policies [Pima County Human Resources].

Speaking of the Pima County Merit Rules and Personnel Policies, they can be found here. Isabel Garcia has violated Rule 7-119 [Rules of Conduct] and the disciplinary procedures are addressed under Rule 12 [Disciplinary Actions, Administrative Suspension and Administrative Suspension; specifically Rule 12.1 C 10 and 12]. I know people who were fired for "dirty" emails on county time--Garcia's behavior is far more egregious in scope and gravity.

I also reported this woman to the State Attorney and received this response via email:
If you believe a public official to have broken the criminal or ethical
laws- then please put it all in writing along with links or print outs
of your pictures, videos etc and send them to:

Fraud and Public Corruption Section
Office of the Arizona Attorney General
1275 W Washington St
Phoenix, AZ 85007-2926

We cannot take complaints on the internet or phone still. Only in writing.
I would strongly suggest taking this action as well and keep flooding them with reports.

It's interesting to note the media in Tucson [the notable exception, of course, being Jon Justice' morning show on 104.1 The Truth,
from 6-9am Monday through Friday, who first broke the story] has yet to
pick up this story but has, in fact, buried it, despite the outcry from
the citizens of Tucson wanting investigation and exposure. Of course,
Garcia is a democrat and figures she's protected.

Legal, taxpaying citizens of Tucson, those who pay Garcia's wage, have
spread the word far and wide. Michelle Malkin has two stories about
this incident, "Unhinged in Arizona: Open Borders mob, led by public official, ravages Joe Arpaio effigy" here and "Tucson open-borders official gloats about effigy-beating here".
So far, there are 211 comments on the first article and 39 on the
second article. Some of those comments are hilarious, yet a few bring
home a point people are noticing and it's not a pretty point.

Some of the comments from "Unhinged":
RedDog said: Dang! Does that chick holding up the effigy in the lead still photo look like Linda Blair or what!? eeeeeeeeee!

said: At what point does “free speech” and the right to peacefully
assemble, become “hate speech” and the encouragement to commit violence
law enforcement?

The only difference I see here, between Islamo-terrorists, and Azlano-terrorists is the language.

Unfortunately, to our demise, the liberals not only tolerate this type of action, they openly encourage it.

What we need is a law enforcement, Rapid Deployment Force,
that would descend on this type of illegal alien love-fest, round up
all participants/lookers-on, identify them, and if here illegally,
deport them.

What would you suppose would happen, if someone
created an effigy of a Latino “Illegal Jose,” and began beating it with
a bat (to the cheering and encouragement of a pro-American crowd, of,
oh I don’t know, say white people?) You got it! It would not be
tolerated…but this is?

said: If our US citizens and [some] public officals don’t see anything
wrong with proudly strutting around with an effigeal head of another
official (outrageous conduct previously reserved to the neanderthal
Islamofascists), we are closer to a complete takeover than I’d feared.

said: Wow, looks just like pictures you see of Mugabe’s thugs ravaging
Zimbabwe. That’s what chamberpot immigration will do for you.
And, some comments from "Tucson Open Borders":
RaisedRight said: “We
stand for the principles of peace and justice… except when you try to
reinforce laws that we don’t like, then we tear your heads off.”

Blind_Mule said: Jeeez, this stuff just makes me want to go out and kick the Chihuahua. :smile:

people and this women in paticular have absolutley no respect,morals or
shame. Reminds me of some middle eastern street protest,what’s next
burning the American Flag and Death to America signs.

said: I’d love to see some resident trolls explain how this event
represents their tolerance, but also how it demonstrates peace and

I’m glad that they are putting pressure on this vile
woman. She looks like a replacement for one of the zombies in a Romero
film, btw.Scary stuff.

Bill Grant said: Caution, disturbing links. Does this photo remind anyone else of the Nick Berg beheading? Do these creeps realize that? I wonder.
thing more and more people are seeing in Garcia's actions is how
similar her actions are to the terrorists we are fighting and to the
Mugabe regime. This is disturbing in the extreme. Commenter Bill Grant,
above, has the photos exactly right--Garcia emulates Berg's murderers

Several commenters and people calling in to Jon's
show have made the observation should anyone have committed this "act
of free speech" upon an effigy of Garcia or an illegal, there would be
an uproar for weeks based on the alleged hate crime implicit in such an
action, yet Garcia gets away with this action with impunity. Such is
the hypocrisy of the lunatic left and their fringe followers. The
commenters and callers are, of course, correct. Here is the official,
2004 definition of "Hate Crime" from the FBI website here:

hate crime, also known as a bias crime, is a criminal offense committed
against a person, property, or society that is motivated, in whole or
in part, by the offender’s bias against a race, religion, disability,
sexual orientation, or ethnicity/national origin.

about time that definition applied to those covered and committing such
acts themselves. Garcia committed a hate crime--and encouraged
juveniles to commit a hate crime themselves--with her actions. Just
because she is Mexican and follows the Reconquista/Aztlan/La Raza
agenda does not mean she's immune from the laws applying to the United

She claims Jon Justice and Joe Arpaio are "haters"--yet
who stands like a Nick Berg murderer holding an effigy severed head?
Jon Justice is just as entitled to his opinion and Freedom of Speech as
Garcia; Joe Arpaio is doing his job of enforcing laws on the books, as
he was elected to do. Neither are inciting riots, contributing to the
delinquency of minors or disrupting private business. They are not
involved in conflicts of interest as Garcia is--encouraging illegal
activities while on the county payroll; hiding behind hate crime
legislation when it suits their purpose; committed to the overthrow of
the US Government she's sworn to uphold and violating her oath as an

If people don't like what Jon has to say they won't
tune him in. If they don't like Arpaio's actions, they'll vote him out
of office. We don't have those choices with Garcia. She was appointed
to her position and Huckleberry refuses to remove her, despite a
growing demand from the legal taxpayers of Pima County.

Now, here's the "rich" part. Garcia responds on the Coalicion de Derechos Humanos website here.
Her "rebuttal" is entitled, "Response to Sheriff Arpaio Protest" and is
nothing more than a "whine fest"; not once does she address her own
wrongdoing. She pulls the usual spin; below are some quotes (comments
of mine inserted and emphasized):
of us in Tucson have made a promise that we will not allow him to come
into our town without him hearing from those of us who stand in support
of the thousands of workers and their families who have borne the brunt
of his narrow-minded, ignorant policies. That he would come to Tucson
to promote a book filled with lies, fear, and ignorant perspectives
about immigrants, was especially appalling to us.

leaflet states that we "continue to work for a community that is
diverse, respectful, and appreciative of each other's differences."
Others brought signs and megaphones, with someone bringing a large
piñata with Arpaio's face glued on the head. I am sure you are aware
that these types of symbolic images are not only
common, but generally are used in context of referring to the policies of individuals in power.

I am now the target of a corporate-media-sponsored campaign to get me fired from my job as the Pima County Legal Defender (who is the corporate-media-sponsor?).
The first thing that you should know is that this is not a
community-based campaign by those that disagree with me, but a campaign
that was instigated by Jon Justice (not his true name) who has a program in the new hate-radio in town, 104.1 FM.
On Friday morning, he was on his program urging everyone to call Chuck
Huckelberry to fire me because I dared exercise my 1st Amendment right
to express my views. (And we
are entitled to exercise our First Amendment rights to express OUR
views in wanting you GONE-Jon didn't hold guns to our heads to call and
They cover it by saying that the breaking of a
piñata is a violent act! ??? That is simply absurd. The piñata was a
symbol of Arpaio's racist, violent and brutal policies. The youth did
not hit Arpaio,
they hit the piñata to break the policies that keep
us fearful of each other, and that have caused so much pain to so many
hardworking men, women and their children. (And this differs from the actions of islamists in the Middle East how?)
He is the violent one. I have spoken directly to some of his
victims/survivors of his power, and have cried just listening to their

I am proud to have been part of
the community's response to his arrival in Tucson. We stand committed
to stop hatred and xenophobia (it seems you and your cadre are the ones exhibiting the hatred and xenophobia by your actions and encouragement), and to work for a society that respects human rights for
regardless of their age, color, race, ethnic background, gender,
gender-preference, religion. As an attorney I find it is not only my
right, but my responsibility to stand up when the power of the state is
used to crush people (it is
not your right or responsibility to advocate the overthrow of a legal
government or engage in inappropriate political activity nor to
advocate illegal activity in minors)
. I will continue to do so.

the link and read the entire drivel--make sure your stomach is empty
beforehand as you will be heaving at the heaping of self serving,
absolute delusional lunatic agenda.

The Tucson Citizen also has an article up entitled, "The big debate: Joe Arpaio, pinata". Below are some quotes from that article:
rights protesters acted like "out-of-control, raving lunatics" when
they destroyed a piñata bearing the likeness of Maricopa County Sheriff
Joe Arpaio, "a bully with a badge" who was in Tucson last week to
promote his book, says Citizen columnist Anne T. Denogean.
Garcia, whose Human Rights Coalition organized the protest, said breaking the piñata was "funny."

it was "classless," says Reyes F. and "treasonous," (Chris F.). Garcia
should make a public apology, Adam L. says. Bruce S. terms the protest
"disgusting" and wonders how Pima County officials would distinguish
between Garcia's involvement in it and another employee's participation
in a Ku Klux Klan rally.
And that last line is the very
heart of the matter--had this been a white person engaging in this kind
of behavior, a white Pima County Deputy Public Defender, paid by the
legal taxpaying citizens, and this had been a klan rally, they would
have been fired already.

Denogean's article, "Protesters as offensive as Sheriff Arpaio", has this to say:
But I don't think you persuade the public that the man is an
out-of-control, raving lunatic by behaving like out-of-control, raving

the kindest description I have for the immigration rights protesters
who beat to a pulp a piñata meant to represent the sheriff during
Arpaio's visit to Tucson last week.

What occurred about midway
through the protest, however, was truly disturbing. Several young
protesters outside the store brought out a piñata meant to represent

The piñata, with a picture of Arpaio's face taped or
glued to the head, was clad in a sheriff's uniform and equipped with
pink handcuffs. One woman held up the piñata, while teenage protesters
took turns bashing it with sticks. The Tucson Citizen ran a picture the
next day of a teenage boy carting away the remains of the beheaded

While the beating of Arpaio in effigy proceeded, Isabel
Garcia, head of Humanos Derechos, a group that purports to stand for
the dignity of all human beings, stood by and laughed.
the link above to the rest of the article--it's extremely enlightening.
The Citizen also ran a poll with that article asking, "Do you think
Coalicion de Derechos went too far when it smashed an Arpaio pinata?".
Overwhelmingly, the answer was "Yes, members act like the people they
say they hate (91%) compared to just six percent saying "No, it was
deserved" and two percent saying "Other" (total number of votes=759).

bottom line is this: Isabel Garcia, Pima County Deputy Public Defender,
paid by the legal taxpayers of Pima County, needs to be fired and
disbarred. Please follow the links to the appropriate officials and
agencies and keep up the pressure. The officials and agencies will do
NOTHING about it without overwhelming public pressure, stating clearly
and unequivocally we are tired of this nonsense and we want the cancer
GONE. Do your part to remove the cancer that is Isabel Garcia.
Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry Contact Information:
(520) 740-8661

KGUN 9 Email:
KVOA 4 Email:
FOX 11 AZ Email:
News 13 Hotline: (520) 744-6397
Jon Justice: Website here.

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