Friday, July 10, 2009

DA Kelly Ayotte Eyes Run at Open NH Senate Seat #tcot #sgp

WMUR reports that Kelly Ayotte polls well against the likely Democratic challenger for the seat Senator Gregg will be vacating in 2010.

Ayotte Performs Well In UNH Survey

A new survey shows that New Hampshire Attorney General Kelly Ayotte may have a good shot at winning a U.S. Senate seat.

Ayotte announced Tuesday that she was resigning as attorney general to explore running for Republican U.S. Sen. Judd Gregg's seat. Gregg has announced he would not seek re-election.

Democrats appear to be clearing the field for U.S. Rep. Paul Hodes to run for the seat, but other contenders in addition to Ayotte have been mentioned on the Republican side. A recent survey by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center indicates that Ayotte might be the Republican Party's best hope to retain the seat.

"Kelly Ayotte is better known and better liked than even a guy like Paul Hodes, who has been in office and is the likely challenger in 2010," said Andy Smith of the UNH Survey Center. "She's also better known and better liked than all the other Republican challengers who have been talked about so far."

Roughly 18 months before the election, 39 percent of voters surveyed said they preferred Ayotte, while 35 percent chose Hodes. But when Hodes was matched hypothetically against other possible GOP contenders, such as Fred Tausch and former U.S. Rep. Charlie Bass, Hodes came out on top

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