Friday, July 24, 2009

Regional over view Mid-Atlantic

NY, NY the naked cowboy is longing to be mayor. If this doesn't make a joke out of Mayor Bloomberg's reprieve on term limits to bring more choices, nothing will. Opposes third term change for Bloomberg. He says he don't want to be a dic-tator. I don't know how much the mayor has too worry about. NY tend to have trouble voting for cowboys who want to cut taxes.

In Pennsylvania, the unemployment rate is 8.3% but there are concerns about the many who will come to the end of benefits in the next few weeks in a state that is still shedding jobs. The Senate race is tightening with Toomey in a statistical dead heat with Specter and leading Sasteck. Green Jobs Stimulus money is coming to Delaware and Pennsylvania.

In NJ, the Governor's race will likely tighten after Labor day, but right now it is a bit of a landslide for Chris Christie. He acted decisively and was the first to pick a Lt. Gov. running mate which is a first for New Jersey. The team has two former federal prosecutors. Kim Guadagno is a local sheriff. What is more interesting is will the Republicans gain enough seats in the general assembly to make him successful. They need 9 of the 80. The Democrats are worried. I think Republicans all over the country should support these targeted races. They seem to need help in NJ. I don't think with reapportionment and repeal of the tax hikes at risk, that we can leave it up to chance. We need to protect what Congressional seats we have left and redraw the assembly seats to a competitive status again. The people are not well served with one party manipulation. The Democrat Senate will be a check. Republicans just haven't challenged the 3 seats need. Democrats control 23 to 17 in the senate and 48 to 32 in the house.

Republicans will be attempting to unseat Democratic legislators in eight districts in Bergen, Passaic, Essex, Middlesex, Mercer, Cape May, Atlantic, Cumberland, Camden and Gloucester counties. Democrats want to unseat Republicans in Atlantic County but mainly intend to protect the seats they control.

Democrats start the contest with a commanding, 48-32 lead in the General Assembly, meaning Republicans must capture 8 seats to force a tie. However, because New Jersey elects two Assembly members from every district, Republicans only need to win 4 districts to accomplish that goal. If a 5th district splits its vote, they will take outright control.

The Virginia situation has to have Republicans engaged. After a decade of reliable Virgina sliding away, the state is back in line for GOP leadership. The Governor's race is tight. The state senate is 21-19 Democrat with one Democrat known to be interested in changing parties. The GOP has a ten vote lead in the house. An across the board victory in Virginia would mobilize the party. Losses would devastate it.

Delaware is having a special election for state senate to replace deceased former President Pro Tem Thurman Adams, a Democrat. There are 4 candidates in the race. The senator's daughter Polly Adams Mervine, a DSEA endorsed former teacher and beauty pageant runner up who won't debate. Joe Booth, a republican state representative who just help fight to sunset the Democrat led government's tax increases. Wendy Jones, a Libertarian who helped organize the Armed Informed Mothers March on DC. Republican activist running as an independent Matt Opaliski. Visit me at for details.

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