Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Seeks Stronger Reaction By G8 On Iran

Iranian Nobel peace prize winner and human rights activist, Shirin Ebadi, is asking the international community to be more vocal and take a harder line against the glaring human rights violations that have occurred in post-election Iran. From ADN International: G8: Nobel prize winner attacks summit decision on Iran
Rome, 10 July(AKI) - Iranian Nobel peace prize winner and human rights activist, Shirin Ebadi, has attacked the G8 leaders for failing to take a stronger stand on recent violence and alleged human rights violations in Iran. In an interview with the Italian daily, Il Mattino, on Friday, Ebadi said world leaders should "isolate" Iranian president Mahmoud Adhmadinejad if the country continued to violate people's rights.

On the second day of their summit in the Italian city of L'Aquila, the G8 leaders said they were "seriously concerned" about the situation.

The G8 leaders condemned Iran for the post-election violence and the negation of the Holocaust, however, they did not adopt any sanctions at the conclusion of the meeting on Thursday.

"If Iran continues to violate human rights, the countries of the G8 should isolate Ahmadinejad and recall their respective ambassadors," Ebadi said.

"I am not suggesting that there is a need to completely end diplomatic relations, but at least reduce the level of relations. Only in this way can the powers of the world say they consider human rights as important as their economic interests."

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