Thursday, July 23, 2009

Regional over view Mid-Atlantic plus Texas

NJ– Chris Christie is pulling ahead in the Governor’s race by 12 points. The lastest national polls have him 12 points ahead. Governor Corzine now has the highest negatives he has ever polled at 60%.

NY– A plurality of voters think the state is better off when the state senate is not in session. You have one guy who keeps flipping parties seemingly based upon the best offer. You have to wonder how anyone can vote for him the next election. Only 12% of voters think the state is headed in the right direction. In other polling 12% of NY voters favor planning a round trip space mission to a black hole. (Just Kidding) Senator Gillibrand is narrowly behind in her election bid to primary challenger Carolyn Maloney 27 to 33%. Governor Patterson wishes his numbers were so good in a match with AG Cuomo.

VA–Republican AG McDonnell has regained the lead over Democrat State Senator Deeds. Unlike NJ, the President’s approval has fallen below 50%.

MD–Maryland’s governor is suffering from low approval ratings, but the GOP has yet to find an opponent for next year’s race. They seem taken over by infighting.

PA–State Senate strong man Vincent Fumo was sentenced to 5 years for fraud and tax evasion. The Democrat said the next time he wanted to skip out on taxes that he will apply for President Obama’s cabinet.:) The judge gave him a break calling the senator a serious public servant. Specter hasn’t broken 50% support in the general. Governor Rendell only wants to help you so if you start to smart from the tax hike, know that he cares, unless you go to a college he doesn’t control., Rendell just lost a battle Wednesday with the U. S. Department of Education. He has to fund all of the state related universities under the stimulus money not just the ones he controls. Coincidentally, most of the Campuses he denied were in Republican districts. The former DNC chairman wouldn’t still be playing politics with your money would he?

Since we have some Texas readers, TX– The clash of the Titans is on and Governor Rick Perry leads early among primary voters vs, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison by 46 to 36%. His stumping at tea parties seemed to help. The tea parties have an 82% favorability and only 7% don’t like them–probably state employees and their families in Austin :).

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