Monday, June 9, 2008

Amit Singh for VA-08 GOP

The Editors of have endorsed Amit Singh for VA's 8th district primary. They quote an endorsement from Tom O'Donoghue the 2006 VA-08 nominee and a veteran.

"As your 2006 Republican nominee for Congress, and a veteran who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, I know we need a candidate with the national security experience to keep our country safe. I also know we need a candidate with the honesty and integrity to strengthen the Republican ballot and defeat Jim Moran.

That candidate - the only candidate who shares those values - is Amit Singh. Amit is the only candidate with the ability to strengthen the Republican Party and to lead us to victory in November. He is the only candidate with real national security experience. I am proud to support a candidate who works everyday with my colleagues deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan."

For more information read the full article or visit Amit Singh's web site

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