Saturday, June 28, 2008

Conservative Candidates Can Not Wait

John McCain is correct . . .

We have entered a critical phase of the campaign season. Senator Obama and his liberal friends have pulled out all the stops in their cynical campaign of distortions and outright lies, and with the help of their special interest allies are continuing to raise staggering amounts of money.

Collectively the Obama campaign and their cohorts have turned their full attention- and their massive war chest - toward defeating conservative candidates up and down the ticket.

They have begun their assaults against conservatives in earnest, and we must immediately respond.

To battle back against their barrage of media attacks the McCain Camp has authorized and approved their own media advertising in every key battleground state from coast to coast. These ads have started running and tell the true story of McCain service, his leadership, and hopefully introduce many undecided voters to the bold solutions he will bring to the White House. We have done the same in selecting conservative candidates.

Purchasing media time is extraordinarily expensive . . . and it will draw down heavily on our financial resources. But we have no other choice. Liberals are outspending conservatives at an alarming rate . . . especially in congressional races.

So please click here to rush conservative candidates an emergency media contribution of $20 or $50

There is not a moment to waste!

Folks we are counting on our closest friends, men and women like you , who have remained by our side throughout this rough and tumble campaign season to stand by conservatives once again at this critical juncture. The scale is much larger and the stakes are as high as ever. We have to focus on all of our conservative brothers and sisters across the Nation.

We will run respectful campaigns - but will not shy away from fairly showing voters the clear differences between our vision for our nation's future and that of the liberals . . . and the differences could not be more stark.

Our vision for a better America calls for strong economic growth policies, including tax cuts, free and fair trade and energy independence. These pro-growth policies will help create jobs, increase wages and make our economy more secure.

The liberal rhetoric speaks glowingly of new jobs, opportunities and economic growth. But the specifics of their plans call for massive tax hikes, strangling regulations and more government control of the economy. This is a recipe for grinding our economy to a halt, not growing it.

Our vision for America in the world is one of strength and clear purpose. We must strengthen and improve our military force that is already second to none. We must complete our mission in Iraq with victory by establishing a stable, democratic government. We must continue to press al Qaeda and disrupt terrorist networks. We must establish a League of Democracies that will work with us to apply pressure to promote peace, stop genocide and improve human rights throughout this world.

The liberals vision of America's role in the world is dangerously naive. They have promised to retreat from Iraq without fully considering the risks. They have advocated negotiating with rogue dictators without preconditions. And they have promised to abrogate trade agreements and turn their back on vital allies and trading partners.

The American people deserve more. We need a President who has a record of change versus merely rhetoric of change. We need a President whose judgment is proven and who is ready to be commander in chief on day one. We need strong conservatives who share our core beliefs across the nation to be shown our full support.

You can be sure Barack Obama and his liberal allies will do everything in their power to muddy the waters, distort our records and distract voters with baseless claims. They will hit hard - and they will hit fast. We will take the blows - but we must be able to fight back quickly with strength and the truth.

That is why our media campaigns for conservatives are so critically important. Our ads will clearly delineate the sharp contrasts between liberals and us. We simply must have the financial resources to fully implement our media campaigns - and your immediate contribution is essential.

Running TV ads in states from Pennsylvania to New Mexico is extremely costly. A 30 second national ad on The O'Reilly Factor costs $25,000. So it takes 500 supporters each giving $50. to run just that one ad!

Friends, we must raise millions to keep our media campaigns running. And to do that we need you to make a contribution of $10 or even $50 today!

Our campaigns have been called futile, yet we have succeeded despite being under funded and practically written off. All is not lost for conservatives! We must have perseverance and faith that the voters will continue to listen to our message and cast their ballot for experienced leadership and a renewed sense of optimism for America as well as the core beliefs that made America the greatest nation in the world.

We've been through this before. We are running against better funded opponents, but we have the RIGHT message and the RIGHT vision. If we continue to hold strong and stand together, we will win.

Visit the Let's Get This Right Contribution link to help a conservative candidate now.

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