Wednesday, June 11, 2008

NOVA Primary Results

Hey Everyone.

Here are the final results from yesterday's GOP primary.

8th district: (99% reporting in)

Mark W. Ellmore: 3,240; 55.88%
Amit K. Singh: 2,558; 44.11%

Since this is a Republican blog, I am supposed to support Ellmore in here. Although I am not happy. Ellmore won through lying, and making the district feel sorry for him. For once in my life we have a candidate who actually has a slim chance of beating Democrat James Moran, and the Republican Party of Virginia decided to elect the biggest idiot in politics instead. Just goes to show you that politics is full of crooks, liars, and idiots. At the moment I cannot endorse Ellmore, and I need to reflect on it to see if I can.

10th district: (99% reporting in)

Frank R Wolf: 16,559; 91.26%
Vern P. McKinley: 1,585;8.73%

This is not much of a surprise. Wolf has held on to this district for a while, and will probably win in the general election. 

It was raining in NOVA for a reason yesterday. It was one of the saddest days in politics.

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