Friday, June 13, 2008

Ron Paul Ends Campaign for President

ARRA News Service: Tonight in Huston, TX, Ron Paul officially ended his campaign for the Republican nomination for president. In an official press release he thanked his supporter saying:
For 17 months we brought the message of peace, freedom , and prosperity to millions of Americans. The response overwhelmed me: more Americans believe in liberty and the Constitution than I ever imagined. I am deeply moved and honored by your hand work and sacrifice on behalf of our cause.

However, after much serious thought, I have decided to end my campaign for the Presidency of the United States. It is time now to take the energy this campaign has awakened and channel it into long-term efforts to take back our country. We have some exciting plans and projects to move the revolution forward that will come together in the next several months.

I will wok my last breath on behalf of this great message. That I promise you. We don't have to live in the kind of America the two major parties have in store for us. Together, let us continue to lay the foundations for an America worthy of our Founding Fathers.
Paul told his faithful followers that he will keep spreading his message as he tries to help elect libertarian-leaning Republicans to offices around the country. "The campaign is going to shift gears. It's going to accelerate. It's going to get much bigger. To me, it's a technical change." Paul told bloggers and supporters that he didn't plan to endorse Republican presidential nominee John McCain because of their disagreement on issues especially the war. Paul want the Iraq War to end an all the troops brought home. He did not address the current success in Iraq.

Ron Paul's campaign has about $4.7 million in the bank. Jesse Benton, a campaign spokesman, said Paul is beginning a "Campaign for Liberty." Benton called the effort a "permanent campaign. We're going to work with the grassroots. People are really eager to continue and grow these efforts." Paul also plans to host an alternative mini-convention on Sept. 2 in Minnesota to coincide with the Republican National Convention in St. Paul.

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