Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Don't Hold Your Breath for NM Results

If were living under some sort of fantasy that we would have results for New Mexico any time in the near future, go to bed and deal with it. The last I heard, a rental truck (you read it right) in Dona Ana county is broken down somewhere in no person's land. There's no way we're going to get NM 2nd District results, or the Pearce/Wilson results tonight.

Face it, New Mexico is ALWAYS the very last state to finally certify their results. I have a theory about that. New Mexico politics are so corrupt, the outcome has been decided ahead of time. Recounts must continue until enough votes have been either found or discarded in order to secure those pre-arranged results.

Steve Pearce is slaughtering Heather Wilson last time I looked. The Secretary of State's site is slowly getting results. It is nearly midnight as I write this. The polls closed at 7PM. So far only 6 counties have forwarded their results. Lincoln County is one of the few were the count is completed. But then, Lincoln is the most Republican county in the state.

On the positive side, it looks like we may end up with a half way decent 2nd District Congressional Candidate. My friend Carrie Spencer won her primary for probate judge.

UPDATE: The Pearce/Wilson race is within 1.5% points. There are only 6 counties responding so no big deal. If the numbers I'm seeing are any indication, who ever wins is going to go down in flames to Tom Udall the Democrat, in November. That is - if they ever get the blasted votes counted!

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