Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Republicans Sour on Nation’s Moral Climate

ARRA News Service - New Gallup survey results released! In just two years, the percent of registered Republicans who said the moral condition of America is "poor" has risen by 15 points! Today 51 percent of the GOP is frustrated by the nation's cultural climate compared to 36% in 2006, and 81% think it's "getting worse." The overall results to the question about the state of moral values show that, as has been the case consistently throughout the decade, few Americans give the country's moral climate high marks. Only 15% consider moral values to be "excellent" or "good" while 41% call them "only fair" and 44% consider them to be "poor."

Gallup's "Bottom Line" for the survey indicated that:
Americans are reliably negative when it comes to rating moral values in the country. Since 2002, a majority of Americans have consistently said the state of moral values is less than good and getting worse. Apart from this general pattern, Republicans' disaffection with the nation's moral climate (but not Democrats' or independents') has been elevated over the past two years, A number of "values" issues have been in the news in recent years, including gay marriage, pop-star misbehavior, and reports of high-profile elected officials involved in sex-related scandals, but it is unclear that any of these are responsible for the pattern in the data. Whatever the cause, this may signal that Republicans will be particularly anxious to elect a new president this November who will help to uphold or restore the values they now find lacking in the country.
Republicans are becoming more concerned about traditional values--not less. And, Republican candidates had better start listening and speaking to moral issues. See: Republicans Sour on Nation's Moral Climate

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