Sunday, June 22, 2008

Important Races, PA and Elsewhere

On my Pennsylvania for John McCain blog, I have what I hope may serve as a model for other bloggers. On it, I talk some about McCain, but I emphasize how other Republican candidates (mainly for the House and Senate) can tie their own efforts to those of the presidential nominee. I discuss not only some of our fine -- and they are in fact fact fine - PA congressional candidates, some of whom have a chance to unseat incumbent Democrats, but also other excellent candidates around the nation.

My emphasis is not on gossip and the latest political outrages, but rather proven strategies and tactics for winning.

Today (Sunday, June 22) I've started a series of columns focusing mainly on Dr. Deborah Honeycutt, a GOP candidate for the seat in Georgia's 13th district. Deborah is very good at something critical to political victories: fundraising. It appears that she may have raised as much as $3 million -- and it's only June!

I talk about HOW (and where) she's raised the money -- something every Republican can learn from -- but also her excellent tactics in enhancing name recognition and generally creating "buzz." (Note: raising money is hard, but not as difficult as some candidates think.)

Another good fundraiser to look into is Dana Walsh, who has the honor of running both against Nancy Pelosi and Cindy Sheehan! In a three-way race, Dana has a chance to win. You can find her at: (If Sheehan gets 20% of the vote, Dana would need 40%, plus one vote, to prevail.)

I'm interested only in candidates who have well-earned reputations for integrity and commitment to defending our nation's security. If you know of such a candidate in your state, please let me know about him or her at: I admit, I'm especially interested in offering whatever help I can (and sometimes it's considerable) to minority candidates, including Deborah Honeycutt and Antoine Members in Illinois, but good GOP candidates of any race, gender, or ethnicity are people I want to support.

I back both GOP "moderates" and "conservatives," social and/or fiscal.

I want to salute two fine people, Kathy Morrison and Dr. Bill Smith, for their efforts on this important site.

Stephen R. (Steve) Maloney
Ambridge, PA (a "national" blog emphasizing the presidential race) (to my amazement, perhaps my most-visited site; I didn't support Hillary -- I'm a McCain backer -- but I saw her as far superior to the Democratic alternative)

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