Thursday, June 26, 2008

NH GOP Fills Senate Slate

From NH GOP...

CONCORD – The New Hampshire Republican Party filed a candidate for State Senate District 24 this afternoon, meaning the party will contest all 24 New Hampshire Senate districts.

Christian Callahan, a Portsmouth businessman, filed to run against incumbent senator Martha Fuller-Clark. Callahan’s candidacy means that no Democratic candidate is left unopposed this election cycle.

In the state House of Representatives, New Hampshire Republicans are fielding a total of 364 candidates covering 324 seats.

“I am confident we have more than the number of candidates we need running in winnable districts to restore a Republican majority in one if not both houses of the legislature,” said Fergus Cullen, chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party.

“I think it’s fair to say that our candidate recruitment efforts exceeded expectations. We have more candidates, and better quality candidates, than many observers predicted we would have. This is a sign that the Republican Party is regaining strength, energy, and optimism heading into election season,” Cullen said.

There will be Republican primaries in three state senate districts (2, 3, and 7) and in many state house districts.

“Unlike the Democrats, who quashed primaries, Republicans believe competition yields stronger, hungrier candidates more likely to win general elections. We let the voters choose, not party bosses,” Cullen said.

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