Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ohio GOP

From the Ohio GOP website,

"With an army of thousands of loyal volunteers, the Ohio Republican Party has become one of the strongest and most successful state party organizations in the nation. Ohioans currently entrust Republican leadership to manage two of the three branches of state government, and Republicans hold a majority of county elective offices statewide as well as a majority of the seats in the Ohio House, Ohio Senate, Ohio Supreme Court, and among the Ohio Congressional delegation."

The general election campaign for the presidency has begun, and the race now turns to Ohio.

We urgently need to raise some critical dollars to hire staff, open volunteer centers, purchase equipment, install phone lines, distribute yard signs, register voters, and buy that all-important ad time.

I'm asking for just $88 to help us get there.

Your secure, online contribution of $88, one dollar for each county in the state, will help us build a strong, grassroots organization in your community. Every dollar you donate will be used to organize our Republican efforts right there where you live.

Barack Obama might have finally claimed the delegates to win Democratic Party's nomination, but he cannot win Ohio.

John McCain is leading in the last four credible polls here, and Sen. Obama carried only five of Ohio's 88 counties in the Democratic primary.

Columnist Robert Novak said this week that Ohio is "leaning Republican" in the presidential race and "looks likely to play the role of decider this fall."

But "leaning" is no guarantee.

We need your generous support to close the deal. Will you give $88, $176 or $250 today? It's time to get to work.

Kevin DeWine, Deputy Chairman

For more information about Ohio state and local races visit the Ohio GOP web site.

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