Friday, June 20, 2008

MN GOP - Al Franken is a Hypocrite

Comedian Rails Against Big Oil &: Big Pharma But Invests In Big Oil &: Big Pharma While Raking In Big Money From PACs Awash In Big Oil &: Big Pharma

"Al Franken is a hypocrite. He demonizes oil and pharmaceutical companies, and attacks any Republican who receives donations from individuals who work for these companies. He attacks Halliburton as a corrupt company. Yet, he has made himself richer by investing in mutual funds that are soaked with investments in these companies. And, he has fattened his campaign account with PAC money from his Democrat allies that are awash in contributions from lobbying firms that represent big oil and pharmaceuticals. Franken’s the worst kind of political hypocrite. The guy who says do as I say, not as I do." Ron Carey, Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman
From the MN Republican Party continues on to list Mr. Frankens numerous investments in oil and pharma industries

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