Monday, June 30, 2008

The Delaware Plan attempts to repair party branding

The activists of the Delaware GOP felt we had to break the slide in our election results. We believed one way was to communicate to the public that we stood for something. Hundreds of people participated in a process which gave a consensus platform called The Delaware Plan.

Every major political movement has had at its center a platform of action. We could look historically at the beginning of the American political parties the birth of the Republican and Populist Parties or even the Declaration of Independence. The Communist Manifesto and Mien Kampf were effective for the wrong ideas. More recently the Contract for America, Britain’s Tories under Maggie Thatcher, and the Canadian Alliance all found this technique useful. Naturally, most fall apart because they are done for a show or to keep interest groups happy not for communicating with the public. The ones that succeed are the ones that resonate with the people.

Here is a video of the Chairman of the Delaware Plan Committee explaining it. John Clatworthy is now a candidate for state senate. If you want to read more click my link pasted below.

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