Monday, June 16, 2008

Simple Steps to Help Local Candidates

1. Visit your candidate's web site and sign up for email bulletins. (If a candidate doesn't have a web site or email sign-up call them and pester them to create one. They may not know it, but you're doing them a huge favor by forcing the issue.)

2. See if they are signed up at Slatecard, if not try to get them signed up.

3. Donate. Even small donations can be very helpful for local candidates.

4. Volunteer. Let the campaign know you're willing to volunteer and tell them how to get in touch with you.

5. Write letters to the editor of your local or state newspapers.

6. Share candidate's web site with others. Whether it is sending emails to friends, or leaving a link in the comments section of the blogs, spread the word and their web site address. It can bring much needed attention to a candidate.

7. Talk up your candidate. The non-computer version of #6, simply talk to people about your candidate. Even if you don't win someone over, you may spark some interest.

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