Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Democratic Seat In Danger? Lou Barletta

Exerpt from Aaron Marks at

"Lou Barletta, currently serving as Mayor of the town of Hazleton, is a proven leader and has defied the odds in the past, being elected in a town with a significant Democratic registration advantage by a two-to-one margin. Lou became the focus of the national media in 2006, when he and his city council passed the Illegal Immigration Relief Act, which fined and punished those who rented to or employed illegal immigrants, along with another act that declared English the official language of Hazleton. As mayor of Hazleton, Lou has represented fiscal conservatism at its finest, erasing Hazleton's budget shortfall and renegotiating illegal contracts with the city's union. As a result, he earned the Governor's Award for Fiscal Accountability and Best Management Practices for his town."

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